In December 2015 I authored and recorded the Learning Dropbox course for / LinkedIn Learning. I updated and re-recorded the entire course in January 2016, and again in November 2017. 

Course abstract:
Get up to speed quickly with Dropbox, the ubiquitous cloud storage and file-sharing service. In this concise course, Keith Gilbert shows how to set up and configure Dropbox, and leverage its features to protect and share your files. Keith demonstrates how to use Dropbox for file backup, synchronization, version control, collaboration, and photo and file sharing. He also shows how Dropbox can extend the power of apps on your mobile devices.

Topics include:

* Reviewing the concept of cloud storage
* Practical uses for Dropbox
* Safeguarding Dropbox data 
* Mirroring the files between two computers
* Using Dropbox for version control
* Sharing and receiving files
* Collaborating on a folder and its contents
* Using the Dropbox iOS and Android apps