I worked with Oracle in Redwood City, CA on a long-term project to help them publish a digital version of Oracle Magazine using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Digital Publishing and Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. The project included:

On-site training of Oracle designers and management to teach them best practices for creating digital magazine apps.

Consulting with Oracle staff on how to best adapt their print magazine layouts to a digital experience.

On-site training of Oracle designers how to create digital layouts in Adobe InDesign for use in Adobe DPS.

On-site training of Oracle designers how to create advanced interactivity using Adobe InDesign and Adobe DPS.

Consulting with Oracle's subscriber management provider to implement direct entitlement for Oracle Magazine content.

Hired Ensemble Systems as a subcontractor to create a custom “storefront” to support user login and issue entitlement.

Worked with Oracle IT staff to create the required iOS and Android certificates, build tablet and phone apps, and submit the apps to the app stores.

Helped the editorial staff create an InCopy workflow between editors and designers.

Taught management staff how to use the DPS portal to publish digital issues as they were completed.

On-site consulting and training to help Oracle transition from DPS to AEM Mobile. Helped plan and implement responsive browse page creation and direct entitlement.

Remote support over a 3-year period for designers, editors, production artists, and management while app content was created.