In December 2015 I authored and recorded the InDesign: Fixed-Layout EPUB Interactive Techniques & Publish Online course for / LinkedIn Learning. 

Course abstract:
Readers are expecting more and more from their ebooks. Luckily, the capabilities of EPUB publishing programs like InDesign are expanding every year. In this course Keith Gilbert reviews the various ways designers can enhance InDesign CC projects with Interactivity and output to fixed-layout EPUB and Adobe Publish Online. With these techniques, you can learn how to add slideshows, animation, quizzes, audio and video, buttons that trigger actions, and other interactive features to EPUB and Publish Online projects. Along the way, Keith offers tips to make your workflow more efficient and fun.

Topics include:

* Creating animated navigation buttons
* Building interactive slideshows
* Creating reveal buttons
* Adding multiple choice and branching quizzes
* Creating a scrolling panorama
* Embedding video
* Creating buttons to send email