In November 2017 I authored and recorded the Learning Dropbox Paper course for / LinkedIn Learning. 

Course abstract:
Dropbox Paper allows you and your team to create, collaborate on, and share documents and presentations. In this course, Keith Gilbert walks you through everything you need to know to use Dropbox Paper. Keith begins with an overview of Paper, explaining its unique features and how it differs from other collaborative document-editing apps. Next, he shows how to create and edit documents, including how to format documents, add images and video, create tables and lists, and insert code blocks and formulas. Keith demos the robust collaboration features in Paper, including mentions, comments, and notifications, and shows how to create and assign tasks. Finally, he shows how to print and export Paper documents.

Topics include:

* What is Dropbox Paper?
* Creating and editing documents
* Inserting images and tables
* Sharing documents
* Creating tasks
* Printing and exporting documents