I've presented at PePcon: The Print + ePublishing Conference 9 times.

2018 (New Orleans)
Current Choices for Digital Publishing in 2018
Make a Mobile App with InDesign

2017 (Atlanta)
New Horizons for Interactive PDF
The State of Digital Publishing
Build a Mobile App Without Breaking the Bank

2016 (San Diego)
A Designer’s Guide to Easy Video in Photoshop
Getting Started with Mobile Apps
Enhancing & Publishing your Mobile Apps

2015 (Philadelphia)
A Jargon-Free Guide to Compressing and Editing Video
Must-Know Interactive Effects
Publishing Interactive Apps for Tablets

2014 (Chicago)
DPS Bootcamp
Creating One-Off Tablet Apps from InDesign

2013 (Austin)
Moving Your Publication From Print to Tablet (panel)
Publishing Your iPad App: The Hardest Step Explained

2012 (San Francisco)
XML for Print and Digital Publishing (c0-presented)
Moving Your Publication From Print to Tablet (panel)
Working Smarter-Building InDesign Templates (co-presented)

2011 (Washington DC)
InDesign & XML Demystified
Data Publishing with InDesign

2010 (Seattle)
Managing Content: Bridge, Metadata and Beyond
XML + XSL = Real World Examples (panel)

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